Mr. Newgate is the Lead Manager for the Mental Health Cultural Case Management Program at the Southeast Asian Coalition, where he has worked since 2008. He also oversees SEAC's Youth Effect program that serves more than 100 youth annually.

Mr. Newgate initiated the Vietnamese Language program at SEAC and co-founded SEAC's Lion Dance program, which has been instrumental in helping keep kids off the street while encouraging them to embrace their cultural heritage. Mr. Newgate is a much-loved mentor and friend for many at-risk youth in Worcester. He is also well respected by older members of the Asian community in Worcester for his dedication to helping refugees, immigrants and low-income residents to successfully integrate and thrive, and to providing a safe place for youth to grow holistically.

In 2015, Mr. Newgate was given the YWCA Best Guy Award for his contributions towards the prevention of domestic violence, his active support for equal rights and his dedication to empowering youth, women and minorities.

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Boa in Rose's space! WE ❤ BOA, a true-Woo HERO!! ... "I AM NUMBER 4"

By Boa Newgate My name is Boa D. Newgate. I am the Lead Manager for the Mental Health Cultural Case Management Program at the Southeast Asian Coalition (SEAC) since 2008. I also oversee SEAC's Youth Effect program, initiated its Vietnamese Language program and co-founded its Lion Dance program.

Meet the wonderful Boa Newgate: leader in Worcester's Vietnamese community!

Go, Boa Newgate, go!!! By Joey Cancelmo I met Boa Newgate years ago when he first started a Worcester inner-city kids program to give back to the community. I said to myself, "That's great but it will wear off." I was wrong, very wrong.

The Vietnamese Secondary Language (VSL) 2017 Summer Session is Here!

By Boa Newgate The purpose of the South East Asian Coalition's Vietnamese Secondary Language (VSL) class is to bridge the gap between different cultures and generations, as well as between children and their parents. Learning together!