The Southeast Asian Coalition (SEAC) provides office space for numerous programs that cherish their unique heritage, as well as programs designed to assist the needs of people of almost all ages and backgrounds. Through these programs SEAC can emphasize the importance of staying true to one's own culture while creating a strong community within and beyond the office walls.

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Youth Effect

Youth Effect provides a healthy environment and opportunities for boys and girls to express themselves in positive directions. Our services encourage and promote youth participation in healthy and cultural activities, Civic Engagement, and improvement in school performance.

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Worcester Refugee Assistance Project

(Otherwise known as WRAP) A non-profit organization, WRAP is a network of individuals committed to assisting local refugees from Burma achieve sustainable self‐reliance through mentoring, advocacy and providing material support as needed. 


Public Events

Asian Festival
Every year since 2000, the Asian Festival has brought thousands of people to this annual event to celebrate Worcester's great cultural diversity with dance performances, colorful attire, music and food from more than 12 Asian ethnic communities.

Moon Festival
This is a much loved childhood event for many Asians, that also symbolizes the completion of the harvest season. The Moon Festival is open to the entire community and is free of charge, and which ended with the traditional lantern parade led by the WYND Lion Dance team.


Lion Dancing

The Worcester Youth Nian Dancers, or WYND for short, was created back in 2009 as a way to channel our youths abundant energy into something that is cultural, healthy and positive. Starting from only Youtube videos and a strong willpower, the team has grown to be one of the most recognized teams in the Greater Worcester and Boston area.


Cultural Dances

The Youth Effect also learns multiple cultural dances to educate the youth and also the community of the history behind the significance of each dance. We currently have 2 hat dances and a lotus dance to offer. Please contact Chau Tran for more information or to request a performance.

Direct and Referral Services

Since 2001, the Direct Services and Referral Program has been a vital part of the Coalition, offering more than just translating and form filling. SEAC has become the navigator and connector for many Southeast Asian immigrants to access to education, healthcare, jobs, business ownership, tax and voting information and other opportunities such as civic engagement and citizenship, all of which helps our clients to become self-sustaining, thriving contributors to our community. Contact Tracy Nguyen for more information.



SEAC provides many classes and workshops to educate our youth members and our community by teaching:

  • ESL: English Second Language
  • Tutoring
  • English for Kitchen Workers
  • Family Literacy
  • VSL: Vietnamese Second Language
  • Career Path- Post Education Preparation

Contact Tracy Nguyen with any questions or enrollment interests.

Health and Wellness for All

SEAC strives to emphasize the importance and benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. Our goal is to promote healthy eating and exercise through various programs that specify different topics to maximize effectiveness of our programs. Our programs include the 5-4-3-2-1 GO! Program, Diabetes Coaching, Mental Wellness and Cultural Mental Health, Healthy Homes, and Creative Expression/Healthy Minds- Healthy Lives.

Economic Development

Small Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship Incubator- SEAC provides studio space, equipment, materials, and training to clients with skills in sewing, arts and crafts, website design, food services, etc. and connects them with other business owners, local banks, Small Business Administration, etc. to ready them for success via micro loans, business plans, marketing, trends, tax, and other aspects of business ownership.

SEAC also insists clients, including those without sufficient English capacity, with resume writing, interview techniques, and other job search skills, and connects them with local companies (TJMaxx, FedEx, etc.)