Youth Effect International is a program stemmed from the continuous issue of the availability of education for millions of children across the world. Our mission is to encourage and provide education in struggling communities that lack material or financial resources. Teachers who have reached out to us have mentioned that their students do not have school supplies. They have to write on the back of calendars, tissue, or even toilet paper for their classwork and homework assignments. This is especially true for children in small or impoverished families or countries, and many orphanages across the world. Our project is meant to give the resources that they need to encourage their education. 

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." This quote directly correlates to our belief in education. By giving these children the tools they need to go to school, we want to promote, support, and advocate for the youth to have an opportunity to be successful. We hope to give everyone a brighter future, that does not involve hustling, crime, trafficking, and other illegal actions. We believe that education is the only way to help the younger generation get out of poverty.

We are currently helping as many students as we can, but we cannot continue our journey for long without your help. We cannot do it all ourselves. we hope to inspire others to do the same, and hopefully by the next generation we can reduce poverty and increase education throughout the world. Thank you for supporting, assisting, and following us along the way. Please donate here or send school supplies to:

Youth Effect International
484 Main St, Suite 400
Worcester, MA 01608

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