“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” 

Youth Effect International allows SEACMA's youth to expand their philanthropic endeavors beyond Worcester. Our mission is to encourage and provide school supplies to support impoverished demographics, such as at-risk children, in struggling communities. By giving these children the tools they need to go to school, we would like to build up, support, and advocate for the youth so they can achieve success and have a brighter future that does not involve hustling, crime, trafficking, or other illegal activities. We believe education will help the younger generation to overcome poverty.


  • 2 million children are abused of sexual assault

  • 10 million children are child slaves

  • 20 million children are refugees or internally displaced in their homeland

  • 100 million homeless children living in the streets around the world

  • Millions of girls are ‘missing’ as a result of foeticide, infanticide and neglect

Every child deserves an education.

Life-skills, training and opportunity.

Our Objectives

  • Provide imperative school supplies, uniforms, footwear, and tuition.

  • Provide workshops in nutrition, hygiene and mental health.

  • Improve healthcare for children in impoverished communities.

  • Empower and inspire empathy, compassion, confidence, and leadership.

Youth Effect International is a 100% volunteer-based program. We cannot successfully support our global community without your help. You can contribute to our efforts through funding, volunteering, donating goods, and more. To donate through our site, please write "Y.E.I." in the special instructions. For more information on how to donate and support, please contact us.