Worcester is full of empty parking lots that have no economic value and diminish the beauty of our city. The Southeast Asian Coalition of Central MA decided to take a holistic approach to this matter. We’ve teamed up with multiple generations of Southeast Asians to transform these spaces into lively, bright and flourishing greens. After cultivating vegetables that are native to Asia, our volunteers utilize the food for traditional dishes as part of Healthy Living and Eating Habits and Mental Wellness programs.

What challenge does this address?

  • Depression, isolation, stress, & loneliness

  • Homesickness

  • Minimal friendship or personal encounters

  • Lack of physical activity

  • Disconnect between older generations

BENEFITS for elders and youth

  • Improvement on mental health

  • Community engagement

  • Sense of home and belonging

  • Encourages healthy diet & lifestyle

  • Mentorship on a multigenerational level

  • Alleviation of stress

  • Archive traditional Asian dishes

Before implementation

Before implementation

image (4).png
After cultivation

After cultivation