Approximately 7% of Worcester's population is Asian, which totals to about 12,800 people.

The majority of immigrants have settled over the last 30 years. However, the Asian population of Worcester continues to steadily grow as many new immigrants come to reunite with family.

Our History

Founded in 1999 and established as a nonprofit agency in 2001 to address the lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate support services for Southeast Asian Immigrants in Central Massachusetts. SEACMA has developed a strong reputation among members of our cultural community and with partners in the community for being a trusted organization of first resort.

Our Mission

The Southeast Asian Coalition is a nonprofit organization that supports, promotes and advocates for the success of the Southeast Asian of Central Massachusetts into mainstream society while maintaining our unique cultural identity. The Southeast Asian Coalition will pursue its mission by:

Providing assistance in the area of educational and job training, economic, as well as emotional, social and cultural support to enable Southeast Asians to successfully mainstream into American society; linking the Southeast Asians and the American community. Supporting the Cultural heritage of the different Southeast Asian cultures represented in the Greater Worcester community.

I respect and admire immigrants very much for their strength and resilience as they leave their heritages and homes. They don’t even know the weather here. Many of them didn’t have a refrigerator back home to prepare them for the cold. The language is hard. I would like for them to remember that resiliency and hope and dreams for the future are the important things that give the strength to overcome barriers so that they can achieve their goals and dreams. They must not forget their heritage. Preserve your heritage. The spice in food makes it really special. Our heritage is that spice.
— Anh Vu Sawyer, Executive Director


2018 APIC Community Organization Recognition Award, 2018 American Heart Association Innovation Challenge Award, 2018 Worcester Women of Consequence, 2017 Asian American Commission Community Hero Award, 2017 Binienda Center For Civic Engagement Award, 2016 Katherine Forbes Erskine Award, 2016 MCPHS Community Partner Award, 2016 John Auerbach Community Leader Award, 2016 Governor's Advisory Council for Refugees and Immigrants, 2015 Massachusetts Non-Profit Network Excellence Award, 2015 Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Outstanding Member, 2014 Eleanor T. Hawley Human Rights Commission Award